Festival Animatou – Compétition Labo

Festival Animatou
Prix Labo Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève

In the context of its partnership with Festival Animatou, the Centre presents in the Cinema Dynamo the 12 short experimental films running for the Prix Labo Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève.

Program of the 12 short films (110′) :

O | Wenninger Paul  | Austria, France | 2021 | 05:34
An exploration of space in a choreographed stop-motion with dancer and director Paul Wenninger.

Dune | Gábor Ulrich  | Hungary| 2020 | 03:30
The noises as witnesses, an abominable secret coiled in the roaring wind of our cells.

sfumato | Seidel Robert | Germany | 2020 | 03:18
An asymmetrical orchestration of paintings in motion, referring to an installation work, thus pushing the limits of abstraction in the digital age.

Leaders | Jafri Faiyaz | Canada, Québec, United States, China, Hong-Kong | 2020 | 06:25
A choreographed vision of the future.

Hum Drum | Bokanowski Patrick  | France | 2021 | 06:15
A painter in his studio: pencils, brushes, tubes, table, easel and drawings set themselves in motion in an explosion of colors and flames.

Human Walkers in Motion | Néon Ethann | Belgium | 2020 | 10:53
Walking inhabits our being and governs our social space. Side by side or face to face, it implies an exchange. When all these steps add up, a hidden harmony is created.

11-point Program |  Brehm Dietmar | Austria | 2020 | 13:00
A scintillation of negative points that divide and multiply, to finally return to their original uniqueness.

Concatenation 2 – Olympic Games | Sansone Donato | Italy | 2020 | 01:09
Video collage of Olympic athletes performing a variety of movements, from gymnastics to diving to track and field events, that merge into a temporal continuity.

Urban Dreamscape | Gebbe Nicolas | Germany | 2020 | 05:11
When we walk in the city, we are often unaware of our surroundings. Images get mixed up with thoughts, become blurred and sketchy. We only perceive certain parts of the journey and when we look back, these snapshots form a kind of collage.

Shift Simmers Slips | Nagler Lars | Germany | 2021 | 11:05
Adaptation of the “Codex Seraphinianus” a work of Luigi Serafini composed of surrealist drawings that depict a fantastic world dealing with nature, humanoids, minerals, mathematics, architecture and writing.

Recoding Entropia | Vautier François | France | 2020 | 07:36
In the heart of nothingness, on the horizon of an infinite space and an unfathomable time, an imposing geometry wanders. An immense tetrahedron which will soon break up to scatter and deliver a mysterious message by its change of form.

There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here | Kohlberger Reiner | Germany | 2020 | 13:12
This film deals with the romantic idea of the apocalypse by exploiting the spectacular images of destruction of entertainment cinema, which emphasizes visual effects. But here, the return to normalcy that reassures the Hollywood viewer does not happen…

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