Since its creation in 1982, the Association des Amis, thanks to the support and commitment of its members, has enabled the Centre to offer Geneva a high-quality, dynamic and creative exhibition program in the field of contemporary art.


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Becoming a member allows you to participate in rich and varied activities: private guided tours to exhibitions, special meetings with art-world personalities, exclusive discoveries of private collections and artists' studios, facilitated access to a choice of art fairs and salons, cultural escapades and trips.

Becoming a member also gives you the opportunity to initiate or expand your art collection by acquiring limited and signed editions of works by artists having been shown at the Centre.

For children, in addition to the free activities organized by the Centre, the Association offers you the possibility to organize private art workshops.

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Programme des activités

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Coordonnées bancaires

Banque Cantonale de Genève, 1211 Genève 2
IBAN: CH87 0078 8000 U174 0089 1

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Association des Amis du Centre d’Art Contemporain
Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 10, 1205 Genève.
CP 121, 1211 Genève 8

Le comité de l’association des Amis

Anne-Shelton Aaron, Co-Présidente; Yolande de Ziegler, Co-Présidente; Carole de Poix, Secrétaire; Amina Valentini, Trésorière; Françoise Adam; Jean Altounian; Pierre-Louis Chardier; Laurence Collins; Caroline d’Esneval; Céline Fribourg; Shaza Gahiga; Livie Gallone Moeller; Pierre Geneston; Katie Kennedy Perez; Christian de Preux; Stéphanie Maurice; Efinizia Morante Gay; Yvan Prokesch; Carmen Queisser von Stockalper; Nathalie Sunier; Della Tamari; Myriam von Wedel.

Institutions partenaires

Aargauer Kunsthaus · CACY / Centre d'Art Contemporain d'Yverdon-les-Bains · CAN / Centre d'art Neuchâtel · Fri Art · Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen · Kunsthalle Basel · Kunsthalle Bern · Kunsthalle Zürich · Kunsthaus Glarus · Kunsthaus Zug · Kunstmuseum Thun · MACT/CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino · MAMCO · Musée de l’Elysée France : Villa du parc Annemasse · MAGASIN des horizons · Palais de Tokyo · IAC Villeurbanne

Visiter le 5e étage

Visiter le 5e étage
L’espace d’exposition virtuel du Centre

Visiter le 5e étage
L’espace d’exposition virtuel du Centre

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