Limited Editions

The Centre regularly produces limited editions in collaboration with the artists it shows. These are produced and sold exclusively by the Centre – an interesting opportunity to enrich or start a private collection!

All the profits generated through the sale of limited editions are used by the Centre to produce new works. Acquiring a limited edition from the Centre is a direct contribution towards invigorating and renewing the contemporary art scene – one that genuinely supports the artists. Certain categories of members get a price discount.

For any inquiry on how to acquire limited editions or works of art, please contact:

Maxime Lassagne
T +41 22 329 18 42
F +41 22 329 18 86

John M. Armleder

Synthetic resin and electric lamp
62 x 32 x 29 cm
Edition of 15 copies (+2 E.A.) initials of the artist, numbered
CHF 4500
John M. Armleder – Log

Combining geometric or abstract painting and objects, “Log”2 evokes John Armleder’s interest for the ready-made and seems to revive the origins of this practice. Marcel Duchamp said of his first ready-made created in 1913: “The Bicycle wheel is my first ready-made, so much so that at first it wasn’t even called a ready-made. To set the wheel turning was very soothing, very comforting, a sort of opening of avenues on other things than everyday material life. I enjoyed looking at it, just as I enjoyed looking at the flames dancing in a fireplace.” In a similar way John Armleder views culture as an abundance of ready-mades to which are added at times other techniques, superimposed on the objects depicted*.

Produced in the context of a Xmas party organized by the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève this real fake Christmas log bought in the States bears the artist’s monogram.

* André Gervais, Roue de bicyclette, épitexte, texte et intertextes, in Cahiers du MNAM, n° 30, p.59/80.

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