3 + 1 – Lectures et performances (From Concrete To Liquid)

3 + 1
Readings and performances

With Tomomi Adachi, Vincent Barras, Sebastian Dicenaire, Gilles Furtwängler, Elizabeth Lebon, Chris Mann, Andrea Marioni, Anne Le Troter, Cia Rinne, Marie-Luce Ruffieux, Orion Scohy, Laura Vazquez

Conceived as a micro festival of readings and performances, the evenings of 3+1 will propose two programs, designed respectively by Carla Demierre and Vincent Barras.

As a festival in two stages, the 3+1 evenings produce in stereophony a sensitive landscape of textual and linguistic practices after Chopin and will bring together several generations of artists, poets and musicians. These events will bring together various generation of artists, European and American poets or musicians, whose practices are an extension of sound and concrete poetry, Fluxus, radio and experimental music. The multiple resonances of Henri Chopin’s work in the contemporary practices of text and language are an opportunity to explore again the question of how Poetry is not a particular field of literature anymore, but rather a practice at the crossroads of all the arts. These evenings will be the occasion to hear actual forms, which interweave textual, sonorous and linguistic dimensions, cultivating the idea of ​​a living circulation of «poetry», through a conception of writing not limited to the book.

This program will continue during a 4th evening at @PTT (147, Route de Chêne, Chêne-Bougeries) with readings, poetic and sound proposals by Cléa Chopard, Rudy Decelière Carla Demierre, Berclaz de Sierre, Jérémie Gindre, Noemi Lapzeson, Louis Schild and Thibault Walter.

2 JUNE, 7 PM
Conceived by Carla Demierre, the evenings of the 2 and 3 June will propose a first spectrum of practices engaging a strong presence of the typewriter, writing with recording devices and camera, critical crossovers between speech, textual transe, polyglot texts, translation and adaptation issues, readings which are half films and films which are full poems.

Sebastian Dicenaire was born at noon on a snowy day in nineteen hundred and seventy-nine in the suburbs of Strasbourg. Everything was white that day. The black cats were quietly crossing the immaculate streets. Then everything suddenly accelerated. At 4 years old, he draws stories of cats and rabbits. At 12, he plays sports that do not exist. At 15, he read Lautréamont in the campsites. At 20, he shoots super8 movies at the edge of highway bypasses. He is currently writing a mushy romance book contaminated with a poetic bug, and creates films without images for Belgian radio or explains in six minutes chrono how poetry can save the world.

Andrea Marioni, born in 1986 in France, grew up in Lugano, Ticino. After graduating from the School of Commerce at Bellinzona (SCC), he studied History of Art and History and Aesthetics of Cinema at the University of Lausanne (UNIL). He also earned a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Art Action (Performance) at HEAD – Genève, and pursued with a Master’s degree in Workmaster orientation in 2013. His work revolves around the perception of everyday life and the relationship between the individual and the community. His work crosses several artistic disciplines and Marioni always seeks, through his presence or absence, to formulate the idea of a “social body.” His exhibitions ironically shake the boundaries between documentary and fiction.

was born in Leeds (U.K.) in 1983 and is now based in Switzerland. She has published four books: 200 Memories, Spooool, Twelve Tapestries (Boabooks, Geneva) and TEST/ANSWERS (backbonebooks, Berlin). Encompassing poetry and prose, her work explores language through texts, book works, audio compositions, performances and installations.

Cia Rinne was born in Göteborg (Sweden) in 1973. She is a poet and documentary filmmaker and now lives in Berlin after studying philosophy, history and languages ​​at the universities of Frankfurt, Athens and Helsinki. She writes visual poetry and conceptual pieces in several languages, and sometimes integrates them into exhibitions, such as Night Calendar. Her publications include zaroum and notes for soloists (assembled in a single volume by Le clou dans le fer in 2011). Cia Rinne has also collaborated on various documentary projects with photographer Joakim Eskildsen. Their latest joint publication is a book on Roma from India to Europe based on seven years of travel and stay with the Roma communities in seven countries (The Roma Journeys, Steidl 2007).

3 JUNE, 7 PM
It all starts with a direct address to the audience, followed by interpellations, questions, injunctions, truths, morals, untruths, irony, hypocrisy, cynicism, absurdity and contradictions and may end with an invitation, a warning, pirouettes, long silences, songs or cries.

Born in 1982, Gilles Furtwängler lives and works between Johannesburg (ZAR) and in Lausanne. He graduated from the Ecole d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL) in 2006, and has since pursued a work based on communication. Everything is shaped for objective and abstract communication, ironic and moral, definitely poetic.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions and presented numerous readings and performances in institutions and art spaces in Switzerland and abroad.

He is a member of the contemporary arts center Circuit in Lausanne and of the collective Makrout Unité. He received a Swiss Art Award and the Prix Irène Reymond in 2015, he also won the 2014 Quark Award and the ProLitteris encouragement Award in 2013. In 2016, he received the Bourse d’art du canton de Vaud. He works with the Skopia Gallery in Geneva.

Anne Le Troter (born in 1985 in Saint Etienne, lives and works in Paris, France) graduated from the HEAD – Genève (2012). Through various (often polyphonic) sound interventions, Anne Le Troter explores the mechanisms of language.

Born in Lausanne in 1984, Marie-Luce Ruffieux flirts with speech and literature in texts that materialize during performances, books and sometimes in exhibitions. In 2017, she published her first novel Les jurons with the éditions Le Tripode.

Born in 1974 in the South of France, where he still lives, Scohy wrote three novels (and some other poems and short stories) edited by P.O.L: Volume, 2005; Norma Ramón, 2008; En Tarzizanie, 2012.

Laura Vazquez was born in 1986, she lives in Marseille. She often makes readings. In 2014 she published La main de la main (Cheyne éditeur), À chaque fois, ans Le système naturel et simplifié (Derrière la salle de bains). She is co-director of the magazine Muscle, and took part in numerous revues. Her book Oui. is published with the éditions Plaine page. Her last text Les fils, written with Simon Allongea, has just been published with the éditions Bêta.

9 JUNE, 7 PM
Conceived by Vincent Barras, the evening of 9 June responds, in echo to the textual machines of the first two evenings, with two absolutely inspired solo performative proposals, and also in relation to the inaugural proposals of Chopin and the protagonists of the historical movement of sound poetry. It also features a mythical review, Stereo Headphones by critic Nicholas Zurbrugg, perhaps the first review devoted to the critical examination of post-war radical poems.

Sound poetry performance with voice and electronics
Tomomi Adachi is a sound poet, performer/composer, instrument builder and visual artist. Known for his versatile style, he has performed his own voice and electronics pieces, sound poetry, improvised music and contemporary music, and has also presented site-specific compositions, compositions for classical ensembles, choir pieces for untrained musicians all over the world including Tate Modern, Maerzmusik, Centre Pompidou and Poesiefestival Berlin. As the only Japanese performer of sound poetry, he performed Kurt Schwitters’ “Ursonate” as a Japan premiere in 1996.

Stereo Headphones: presentation
Vincent Barras is a performer, historian of medicine and sciences, translator. He teaches at the University of Lausanne and at the HEAD – Genève. He publishes extensively on the theory of the body, medicine, neurosciences and psychiatry, contemporary poetry, music and art. He translated books by Galen, Sanguineti, Adorno, Lax, Vegetti, Gomringer. His performances and sound poetry work are performed solo or with several artists (including Jacques Demierre).

Oh that
Language is the mechanism whereby you understand what I’m thinking better than I do (where I is defined by those changes for which I is required). South African of English, Dutch and Irish descent, Chris Mann started by working in rural development and poverty alleviation before becoming a writer and poet. This multi-faceted, multi-talented writer has also taught English in a rural school, lectured in English at Rhodes University. He has volunteered for various trusts, has been a parish councillor and was a founder and song-writer of Zabalaza, a cross-culture band performing in English and Zulu.

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