Finissage & launch of the DreamOre book


Hunter Longe
DreamOre – visit & poetry reading

Marking the end of the exhibition Lemaniana : Reflets d’autres scènes, the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève is pleased to organize a guided tour with artist Hunter Longe, to explore his series entitled Elizabeth Philpot which will be further contextualized by a reading of poems and texts from his new book DreamOre.

Join us on Sunday August 15 at 5 pm to celebrate the finissage of the exhibition as well as the launch of Longe’s first book. The guided visit will be held in French while the reading will be in English.


About the book:

DreamOre is a collection of drawings, dream transcriptions and poems written during the full moon. Longe’s texts stumble through the ups and downs of contemporary life in the face of celestial forces and deep geological time, speculating on distant pasts and hinting at a sentience that permeates all matter. Of his work the artist writes:

For me, drawing, poetry and dreaming can act as divinatory tools to navigate slippery times. They follow a kind of non-logic, a random function of a quick non-sequitur that gets at the churning unpredictability and true weirdness of existence underlying the thin layer of pattern and structure to which we tend to attach so much importance. In poems and drawings, as in dreams, we hone back on deep instincts and intuitions that have been sequestered by striving for the lie that is reason. 

DreamOre (© 2021) is published by Coda Press in Bergen, Norway and designed by Landscape in San Francisco, California, with the support of Kulturrådet Arts Council Norway, Norske Billedkunstnere and Bergen Kommune.



Visit the 5th floor
Visit the 5th floor The virtual exhibition space of the Centre

Visit the 5th floor
The virtual exhibition space of the Centre

Visit the 5th floor
The virtual exhibition space of the Centre

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