BIM18 – Pan Daijing

Pan Daijing
Tissues I

Tissues I is a live play sonically and visually composed by Pan Daijing, a suspenseful scene inhabited by opera singers, performers, and dancers. The piece plays out in a specific site which is in turn challenged, its nucleus in full focus. Brutal yet fragile, a diffused and distorted reverie, the setting is laced with incongruity and presentiment. Tissues I expands into a multiplicity of violence, melancholy and forlornness, tenderness and loving instances. A facet of a wider narrative, Tissues I is the current state of a work in progress.

Pan Daijing (b. 1991, Guiyang, CN. Lives and works in Berlin, DE) is an artist and musician. Her raw approach as composer and performer takes many forms: sound, choreography, installation, and storytelling. Soul-baring utterances and sonic, aesthetic outbursts are the main tendons of her practice. Her poetic, uncanny work interweaves vehicles of power and vulnerability, and often oscillates along paradoxical conceptual states and spatial interactions.

Composition, concept and directed by Pan Daijing
Soprano: Mingqi Hu
Tenor: Yinhan Deng
Performers: Tamara Alegre, Nabila Alegre, Pan Daijing, Valentina Demicheli, Kamilya Kuspanova, Kayije Kagame,Julia Lind, Edgar-Allan Torres
Singer Costume: Ximon Lee
Performer Wardrobe : Samuel Gui Yang
Make up and hair : Franziska Presche
Wardrobe Assistant: Marcus Karkhof
Casting Assistant: Mohamed Almusibli
Backstage Assistant: Lola

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Visit the 5th floor
The virtual exhibition space of the Centre

Visit the 5th floor
The virtual exhibition space of the Centre

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