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Julia Perazzini

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The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève is pleased to continue the Spoke Worlds program, in collaboration with Fabienne Radi and Emmanuelle Pireyre, both authors and teachers in charge of the two writing workshops run at the HEAD – Geneva.

The Spoken Worlds series of events invite you to immerse yourself in the plural practices of reading. These evenings hope to develop, thanks to a community of voices, invigorating paths of reflection. The next event will take place on Wednesday May 31st, 2023 with Julia Perazzini who will perform an excerpt from her piece Holes & Hills (2016) and play a sound recording of Le Souper (2019). Le Souper recounts an imagined encounter between Julia Perazzini and her older brother who died before she was born; a dialogue across time and space, between death and life, disregarding chronology, so-called logic, and the order of things. Julia Perazzini will talk about the writing process of this piece, which took place in three stages, navigating between head and body, between conscious and unconscious, banality and extraordinariness.


Julia Perazzini (b. 1982, Lausanne) is an actress, performer and director. Since 2011 she creates her own projects, often alone on stage. Whether in Hey it’s cold here! (2012), a series of four shows presented on stages as well as in art spaces, or in Holes & Hills (2016), or in the performance Waves On (2019), she questions our way of existing and of connecting with others.
In parallel to her personal work, she regularly collaborates with directors in theater (Valerio Scamuffa, Denis Maillefer, Guillaume Beguin, Emilie Rousset, Joris Lacoste and the Encyclopedia of the Word, etc.), television, cinema (Lionel Baier, Véronique Aubouy, Valérianne Poidevin), as well as with contemporary artists. In 2014, she played in the theatrical adaptation of Virginie Despentes’ essay, King Kong Theory, directed by Emilie Charriot, presented on many European stages. Her latest play, Le Souper, premiered at the Arsenic in Lausanne in 2019 in partnership with the Carreau du Temple in Paris, the Swiss Cultural Center and the Théâtre Saint-Gervais in Geneva. Her work is shown in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. She is a laureate of the Leenaards Grant 2021.


Image credit : Clovis Duran
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